Community Media Zoom Club

Over the summer, I’ve been hosting the Leicester Stories Community Café drop-ins, and the community reporters club sessions. It’s the last week of these sessions, so I’m wondering what to follow them on with?

I am thinking about setting up a weekly Zoom session for people who are interested in community media, giving access to Patreon subscribers who will be sent a link.

I also want to further develop the Decentered Media podcast. In the past I’ve met weekly with John Coster at the Documentary Media Centre, which I’m sure could be used again if John is willing. Alternatively recordings can be done online using CleanFeed (better quality audio than Zoom).

Any suggestions as to what might work?

I was thinking of the reporters club taking place on Wednesday’s after 6pm, and the podcast sessions on Thursdays after 6pm.

Rob :slight_smile:

I’m experimenting with Pateron integration to this forum, which means there should be a group that has access to content that is not available to non-subscribers. I’ll try it out and see how it works