Distraction Therapy Podcast Chat

@ryanjohnclayton i enjoyed listening back to the last podcast. It was definitely an interesting way to do it. Let’s keep thinking of different ways to record it - possibly involving beer at some point!

I thought it might be better to just use a single thread, rather than start a new thread for each episode.

I listened to a really good lecture on YouTube about Goethe’s Faust today. I’m trying to read it, and it is impenetrable, but this gave me a good reason to keep going.

I’m intrigued by the resonance with the Neo-Classical and Romantic period, neither of which I know much about, but there are some resonances their if we identify metamodernism as the ‘search for meaning.’

It might be worth us talking through some specific books, music and movies that we can explore as embodiments of the emerging metamodern ethic.

Any suggestions?

I’m going to start working through John Vervaeke’s talks on the meaning chrisis. There’s loads of them so it might take some time…


I went to see Fantastic Beasts in the week, and thought it was a good film. Not particularly accessible for children, and perhaps carrying the weight of its own importance, but given the themes it was dealing with, it was a mature and solid film to be admired.

I was chatting to my mum about why people go to McDonalds, and why ‘processed’ living is so endemic in the UK! It might be worth chatting about.