Leicester Stories Community Reporters Club Registration Thursday 15th July

Originally published at: https://decentered.co.uk/leicester-stories-community-reporters-club-registration-thursday-15th-july/

This week at the Leicester Stories Community Reporters Club, we are recording a podcast about what it means to Build Back Better here in Leicester. This will be a chance to find out what we are still learning from the experience of the lockdown, particularly here in Leicester?

I’d like to know what conversations and discussions people living and working in Leicester had during the lockdown, especially when these conversations started to focus on the idea of Building Back Better?

What does Build Back Better mean in practice for people living and working in a highly multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial city?

Is Build Back Better just a slogan, or is there some structure and weight behind it?

If there is a better term, what is it?

Change is at the centre of the Building Back Better ethos, but what kind of change are we talking about?

What is the idea of change associated with Building Back Better based on?

Has this been a practical discussion, or is it just an opportunity for lots more talk?

Are there things that have been adopted and put into practice that point in the direction of practical changes we can make?

What have been the reactions to those practices, and are the changes making real and lasting differences?

Is there support from colleagues and partners that encourage and enhance these changes? Has anything proven intransigent and too difficult to change? What’s turned out to be the most adaptable things to change?

If you want to take part in this discussion, please use the link below to register:

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