Leicester Stories Community Reporters Club Registration Thursday 5th August

Originally published at: https://decentered.co.uk/leicester-stories-community-reporters-club-registration-thursday-5th-august/

At the next Leicester Stories Community Reporters Club, we will be discussing how to improve the way that we write and share stories as blog-posts or articles. As we are thinking about what it means to Build Back Better, we will think about the set of principles that have come from the Reaching People Leadership programme.

This includes asking questions and gathering experiences of what we need to change. We want to focus on asking:

  • Do we feel proud about living in Leicester?
  • Do we feel safe to be an active citizen in Leicester?
  • Are we connected and do we value our connections with other people?
  • Are we involved in shaping our community life?

If you have or want to gain experience facilitating positive social change, it would be great to talk about this with you, and to hear your ideas, concerns and observations about how we can use our media to contribute to the changes we would like to see.


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