Leicester Stories Update No5

Originally published at: https://decentered.co.uk/leicester-stories-update-no5/

There’s been a couple of thunderstorms across Leicester this evening, so I hope you’ve been able to make the most of the sunshine in between. I would recommend taking some time to check out the full splendour of the flowers that have bloomed in the parks and gardens across Leicester. June and July in England are pretty spectacular, and It’s lovely to see everything in full bloom, though you might need to dodge the showers.

![](upload://xdBMNZ1gX6cJHWu5Y9x23D0bhQP.jpeg)Last week John Coster of the Documentary Media Centre hosted the Leicester Stories community media café on Tuesday, and the community reporters club on Thursday. John told me that the conversations at both sessions were helpful in understanding how we can improve and enhance the way that we make and share media that we use to communicate with people in our local neighbourhoods and communities. John told me that his conversations with Leighton and Helen helped to establish a new link, based on their mutual connection to Evington.

John also told me that the conversation at Tuesday’s drop-in café was encouraging, because it covered how we shape our civic and political expectations, not just about who we vote for, or how we react to political parties, but about how we can host more meaningful media conversations that generate mutual understanding and a sense of common identity. John was pleased that the discussion challenged the way that mainstream and professional media often make assumptions about what people should care about, and as a result, don’t really understand what it is that people living in Leicester actually care for. 

Thanks to John for stepping in to host last week. Leicester Stories will explore more of how we can develop media stories and conversations that are grounded in what people care for and about here in Leicester. I’m keen to develop the contribution that community media can make to building back better here in Leicester. I’m sure that many of us are thinking about doing things differently, as we try to support and nurture a more caring and inclusive society. Leicester Stories is about asking the question: ‘what are the stories that we need to facilitate, capture and share, and how do we engage people so that they are confident in telling these stories?’

Sessions This Week:

Community Media Café: 10am – 12pm Tuesday, Bishop Street Chapel Café, Leicester. This is a drop-in session, and a chance to chat with other people interested in using their DIY media – blogging, social media, photography and more – to support positive change in their communities. Pop in for a chat and I’ll provide the tea and coffee.

Community Reporters Club: 10am – 12pm Thursday, Documentary Media Centre. There are a limited number of places, so please Register Here. The reporters club brings together people who have got a bit more experience working with media to engage with their communities, and who want to share their insight and knowledge in a supportive way. This week we’ll be asking what are the stories we need to share about building back better here in Leicester? Register for the session and I’ll provide the tea and coffee.

Community Stories

I’m always on the look-out for stories that we can capture and share via the Leicester Stories website. If you are a not-for-profit community group, a charity or civic society organisation, or a public organisation that has stories of positive social change that you want to share, do get in contact. If you drop-in to the community media café we can have a chat over a coffee or tea.

Leicester Stories is supported by funding from the Audio Content Fund, and is being developed with assistance from De Montfort University, the Documentary Media Centre and Zinthiya Trust. If you need more information about the project and it’s aims, please do get in contact.

Best wishes