Metamodernism - Possible Discussion Topics

Possible topics for discussion episodes:

  • What is the meaning crisis, and how is it manifest in our culture?
  • How does metamodernism overlap with postmodernism?
  • Where can we engage with metamodern culture?
  • What are the principles and concepts associated with metamodernism?
  • Who else is discussing and practising metamodern ideas and creative work?

These will probably inform all conversations in a general way, and there is no need to have any answers, just a willingness to engage with the questions.

My personal starting point is the disconnection I feel with contemporary social life, and the way that both consumerism and social identity management ideologies seem facile and rootless. This is complicated by the postmodern dictums that suggest that we can be ‘the best version of ourselves,’ or that we simply need to communicate an ‘authentic’ version of ourselves. This negates the need to understand and appreciate our individual and social characters, and results in a social hierarchy that is dominated by those who can manage their appearance, rather than exhibit genuine integrity.

How this gets played out and is manifest in popular culture is an interesting thing to look at.