Social Action Communications Training

Last year, I started to think about what form of communications training would be suited to meet the demands of community life following the pandemic, and now the climate crisis. I outlined a draft programme for a course that I would hope to offer to public organisations and civic society groups, which presents an alternative to the mainstream models of mass market communications, press and PR, and corporate systems approaches to audiences and consumers.

The key learning points would revolve around: Social-Action-Communications-Training-003-2021-01-12.pdf (244.3 KB)

  1. |Introduction to Social Action Communication
  2. What is Social Action Communication?
  3. How Can we Tell Stories About Positive Social Change?
  4. Addressing Values Not Outcomes|
  5. Being Part of an Advocacy and Activist Network
  6. Using Community Reporting Techniques|
  7. Using At-Hand Media Platforms
  8. Amplifying and Building Social Capital
  9. Supporting Volunteers Media Capability
  10. Evaluating What Makes a Difference
  11. Building a Developmental Support Cycle

I want to try to expand and develop this as a model, and to align it with the metamodern agenda of post-disruption systems change. It might be interesting to produce some podcasts and videos that capture the flavour of discussion in developing a practical approach to addressing the challenges of our dysfunctions - and changing - communications model.

@yorrellew It would be good to explore what forms of media tech and interactive tech would be interesting and meaningful to deliver this kind of training with? Posting YouTube videos and podcasts is a simple start, but an interactive, blended experience that works at different levels would be fascinating to explore. Any suggestions of how we might meet potential user’s expectations and then lead them forward so that they get a good, challenging learning experience from it?

Thanks Rob, I’ll do some reading before we talk about it on thursday!

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