What Topics and Who Should Future Podcasts Be About?

Hi All

I’m thinking of kickstarting a new series of podcasts again soon, and wanted to test some ideas about what might be relevant and useful? Here are some topics I was thinking of planning a discussion around:

  • Is AM radio due a revival?
  • Challenging the auto-generated message machine!
  • Are the UNESCO community media principles still relevant to UK community media?
  • Informal and participative learning models for community media.
  • Who cares about Ofcom - what the future for online community radio?
  • Community media as community development.
  • Not everything should go digital.
  • Lessons from the pandemic.
  • Community radio for civic and public engagement.

I also want to speak with as many practitioners of community media as I can, and get them to talk about what they do and how they got into doing it, and what they think it achieves.

Do these topics seem relevant?

Rob :slight_smile: